Choosing the right dance shoes can make a huge difference in your learning experience and overall in your social dancing or performing experience. Whether you are a Beginner or a professional dancer, choosing the right dance shoes is the KEY! For example, most of the dancers already know that flesh satin Ladies’ for Latin and the 2.0’ heel for Ballroom are the most popular choices, and you might also know black and gold colors looks great on high heels, as the shoes seem to be more elegant on those colors. We know, a pair good dance shoes need to be take the most care of them.
Now, let’s show you some tips on choosing good dance shoes!
1. Our foot will be slightly expanded during three to six o’clock in the afternoon, we can not buy the shoes only after try them on and look at the mirror, we need to walk a few steps to feel the stability and to see if the size fits us well.
2. Do remember your foot’s sizes, but if there is one feet slightly bigger or smaller than the other one, please do not forget to try both of them on, and pick the shoes according to your bigger feet in this case. Do not simply buy the shoes according to your sizes or ask someone to, make sure you have chances to try on the shoes before purchasing.
3.Preparing a new pair of stockings to avoid any embarrassment of perspiration appear inside the shoes while trying them.
4. Your foot should not be able to move inside the shoe, it should be fitted but not too tight.
5. Size is too small and kept wearing for too long, short-foot landscape may cause corns, blisters, feet hurt, leg pain, back pain after a series of illnesses.
6. We suggest you to choose the best leather, leather lining (smooth and no suture line),leather Sole of the dance shoes . Because the leather is breathable, absorbent features and has good flexibility , it can also better fit your foot shape, more comfortable to wear. Besides ,Leather Sole can reduce the noise as well.
Dance lovers are born with preferences for dance shoes, the shoes are needed more maintenance. When stored, make sure the shoes put into special shoes bag, go to shoe maintenance-shop regularly for care. There are also simple ways: white shoes clean, painted light oil, then wipe wax paper, wet paper towels to wipe the stains on shoes, then you can keep your shoes always clean!
*Maintenance of essential supplies
Maintenance of essential supplies to Dance shoes are shoe brush, clean oil, shoe polish, cloth, water spray and other items. Best use of qualified special shoe brush, and have spare horse hair-brush.

*Leather shoes
1. Polish your shoes once a week. Clean with a damp cloth to remove all traces of dirt. Use a thin layer of cream or wax polish to preserve leather and to keep your shoes looking good.
*Suede soles
2. Use a suede shoe brush to brush up the nap at the bottom of your shoes. Always brush in one direction, toe to heel. Do this as needed, when you notice your soles becoming flat and smooth, or have dirty stuck on it.

*Suede shoes
3.Remove dirt with an old tooth brush or suede brush. Stains are removed with suede shampoo. Apply suede dressing in the morning so that your shoes have time to dry out before an evening of dancing. Brush your shoe front to back after applying the suede dressing.

*Nubuck shoes
4.Clean with a cloth dipped in slightly soapy, warm water. The rest of the care tips are identical to that of suede shoes.

*Patent leather shoes
5.Clean with a damp cloth and when dry, apply patent dresing. Shine with a soft cloth. Never use ordinary shoe polish on patent leather.

*Satin shoes
6.Clean with a dry cloth. Don't us shoe polish, and avoid acetone (nail polish remover).

1. Wear your shoes in dry conditions only.
Carry them in your shoe bag because these are not street shoes.
2. Give your shoes a break.
If you are addicted to dance your will sweat in your shoes; so avoid wearing the same shoes every day. Give them the time to breathe by wearing a different pair of shoes on alternate days. Do this, and your shoes will stay comfortable and looking good.
3. Always allow wet shoes to dry naturally.
Never use direct sunlight, radiator, or blow dryer. Dry your shoes at least 24 hours at room temperature.
4. For men: Keep your shoes in shape.
Place your shoes on a pair of shoe-trees whenever you're not wearing them, and always use a shoe horn when you put them on.
5. Clean your shoes regularly.
Use the right cleaning product for the material of your shoes.

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